Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How long have you been here?

A) Labor day weekend it will be 3 years.

Q) Do you own it together?

A) No, Angie is the owner, Kristina and Gretchen are employees.

Q) How many people work here?

A) 3 people. We are always looking for cosmetologists/nail techs that are talented. If you know somebody, send them our way.

Q Is this a house?

A) This building is from the 1920's. It's always been commercially zoned and has housed different business' over the years including a spanish newspaper, a dental practice, a clothing alterations business, and a hair salon called Arlen's. Yes it resembles a house. Charming and different is our thing.

Q) What is a shellac manicure? Will it ruin my nails? Is it fake nails?

A) There are a few different names for the same service. Shellac is one of them. There's also gel manicure, no chip manicure, soak off manicure, uv manicure....Of course it doesn't ruin your nails. Why would we do it if it did? Applied and removed correctly, you can grow your natural nails out and they will be long and strong and beautiful and remain chip free for up to 2 weeks, sometimes even longer. They are not nail extensions, they will not add length, it is a super lasting polish. We specialize in this service.

Q) Are you open on Sundays? Mondays?

A) Sundays no we are not, sorry, Mondays yes we are! Although it currently says on a google listing we are closed mondays, not true. I have tried to change the google listing with no success.

Q) Do your vintage hair dryer chairs in the reception area work?

A. Yes they do! Gone are the days of ladies sitting underneath with their roller sets, but we frequently use them to process color, as a place to sit while waiting for your appointment, or as heaters during a polar vortex.

Q) Do you accept walk ins?

A) Only if we just happen to be available when you are walking in. In most cases we are booked. We do have a walk in sign that we use that says "walk in's welcome" for particularly slow days or days with cancellations. We realize guys hate making appointments and they want to just walk in, but to avoid a super long wait, or to avoid being denied, book online, or call ahead :)

Q) Do you have morning appointments available?

A) Right now, during the week all we have is Thursday morning, or Saturday morning. They just aren't popular, and we don't want to have a 10 am and a 4 pm, leaving us with a sizable gap. If it's a morning time that you prefer, inquire before you leave, or email us ahead. We'll do our very best to accommodate your needs.

Q) Do you have parking?

A) We sure do. Right outside the front door we have a lot that holds 4 cars and a large overflow lot behind us. There's also street parking, but its limited to 2 hours.

Q) Are you a nail salon?

A) No, nails is just one of the many services we provide. We do haircuts, colors, specialty styling, extensions, waxing, facials, spray tanning and makeup. Men, women, and children (that are well behaved) are all welcome.

Q) Habla espanol?

A) Paquito, muy muy paquito. No es bueno.