We are Located where the PINK STAR is on the map.

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2021 S. Park St.

Our new location is in my private residence and is south from the former location. Please follow the map as depicted above. For parking, the best place to park and access the home salon is on Taft Streetor there is parking off of Taft St. We are a little hidden, so look for the big blue Betty Bus parked in the driveway and also the 24-Hour Video Survailence sign that is posted on the fence of the property. Pull into the driveway or park on the street, walk up and ring the doorbell/intercom. Street parking is also available in the front of the house, and then you can take the walkway to the back (The walkway is difficult to access right now because of it being incomplete and covered by snow in the winter).

Please keep in mind that the new location is still not completed, but it is functional, so please do not mind the dust settling.