Rockabetty's Salon Policies

As always, living socials/groupons/dollars and sense are for first time customers only, limit 1, no bridal parties please. Customers trying to return with 2nd deals will be shot by snipers, banned for life, and emailed an invoice for your appointment. Self booking, and 48 hour cancellation required or subject to forfeiture. Please notify us immediately if you are receiving confirmation emails for an appointment you thought you had cancelled.

We will not honor your groupon or living social if you've already been to the salon before. It applies if you didn't realize and accidentally bought a second one. It applies even if someone bought you a voucher for a gift. You cannot use the value towards a lesser or equal service, you can only gift it to someone whom has never been to the salon or you can ask the person to return it as you aren't eligible to use it.

If you voucher is expired, you can use the amount you purchased it for, towards the total amount of the original service. These deals are good for several months and we have an online scheduling system you can book your appointment with 24/7, so we're sorry if you procrastinated and let the voucher expire. We will not honor the full value of expired vouchers. You also must use it towards the original service you bought it for, you cannot use it like store credit towards any service of your choosing. You also cannot use one for 2 services towards 1 service. If you have one for 2 services you must come back twice.

To redeem your voucher you must follow the instructions on the voucher that tell you to visit our website and self book. An appointment is required, you can't walk in. We don't have a receptionist, nor do we plan on employing one in the future. We don't need one since we have an awesome online scheduling system. We don't check voice mails super frequently either. If you call to book an appointment, the person who you reach at the salon has to stop the service they are currently doing and take your phone call. This makes us run behind, and isn't fair to the customer receiving the service. If the phone rings repeatedly and we can't get our service accomplished we will likely ask you to go online and self book when you call us anyway. We are giving you a 59% deal, so we really need you to hold up to your end of the bargain and follow the rules of your deal please. If you need assistance with self booking, send us an email, and we will return your email as soon as we can.

Vouchers are subject to availability. That means you can only book as far as 6 weeks out. If you purchase it with the intent of using it on a specific day for a specific event we may not have the availability on our schedule, and we may not have the staff to do that for you. You do have the option to book an appointment before you purchase to ensure we have your date open. You cannot use these with a group of people or for a nail party. We have a limited staff, so if you purchased this with a friend to come in together, you will need to book a spot where we have to techs available. Our regular customers also love to come in with friends and in groups so these openings are really limited and are first come first serve. No waiting lists. If we have a last minute cancellation, we will post it on our website and facebook page.

Cancellation policy. We require a 48 hour notice on cancelling/rescheduling appointments. You can reschedule yourself via the self booking system. You can also send us an email. Do not leave a voicemail. If you cancel within the 48 hour window we are unable to refill the appointment and the result is a financial loss on our end, since we still have to pay our staff. If using a voucher you will not be able to use the full value of your voucher upon returning. You will also go into the online scheduling system as unreliable, meaning you won't be able to schedule online in the future. You may also be charged for missed appointments and made to prepay on future appointments. Do you like to go to work and not get paid for an a hour or three? Neither do we. Thank you for understanding.

Our policies are strict. They are not just to be meanies for the sake of it. It is to protect our business and staff from financial ruin in these tough economic times. At the end of the day, we've all got bills to pay and ends to meet.